Alans Boatyard

'Far Stream'

Owner: Farstad Shipping


TYPE: UT 712L. AHTS (Anchor Handling Tug Supply).

LOA: 78.30 mtr.   Breadth: 17.20 mtr.   Draft (max): 6.80 mtr.   GT: 3050.

Builder: Simek A/S. Norway.    Built 2006.    Yard No: 112.    IMO: 9346081 



Scale: 1:75.   LOA: 1044 mm.   Breadth: 229.30 mm. draft: 90.66 mm (at scale 6.80 mtr).

GRP hull.  Fully radio controlled with working thrusters & high lift rudders.


Hull Plug Started: May 2009.

Hull plug under construction

Start of hull plug, using balsa wood & light ply. On an 18mm thick MDF Board.

Bow of hull plug Frames on hull plug Hull plug & foam filler

Hull plug filler is Polyurethane foam sheet which is not effected by GRP resin.

Bulbous bow under construction on hull plug Basic shaping of plug

Plug starting to take shape, but still a lot of work to be done.

Stern area of hull plug

The stern roller are is made from an Acrylic round bar (turned up on my lathe) then cut in half & shaped.

Hull plug well underway Skeg area of plug Hull plug fully shaped

Plug finally finished.

Hull plug with divider for glassfibre

The mould will be made in two halves.

Gell coat on plug

Gel Coat, ready to receive the chopped strand cloth.

Half of plug fibreglassed Plug ready for second half of fibreglass covering

Divider removed and plug waxed ready for gel coat (for second half of mould).

The red area is the gel coat on the first half of  the mould.

Hull plug fully fibreglassed

Both halves of mould covering the plug.

Two halves of mold

Mould halves as they came off the plug.

Hull as it came out of the mould after the exposed top edges had been trimmed to mould edge.


Sorry I am unable to supply copies of drawings or hulls.


As I only had access to the technical Information, Drawings etc

on the strict understand it was for my use only.


A lot of the material used in the Plug, Mould & Hull came from

East Coast Fibreclass Supplies.

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