Alans Boatyard

After a number of years away from model building due to work and other hobbies, I started again in 1992, initially building ‘Plaudit’, a Thames Tug,

working with the plans and hull from the ‘Model Boats’ magazine.


I have also worked from kits, but now totally scratch build using the full size vessel plans, photographs & information from the vessel owners & other companies involved in the design & supply of equipment etc.


I have built in various scales, but not always from the plans original scale, as with ‘Grampian Pride’, which I am building at 1:42, this scale has enabled me to fit commercially made working tunnel thrusters’ into the hull.


Both ‘Far Saltire’ & ‘Far Stream’ are at a scale of 1:75, as at this scale the model can be handled easily, but large enough to show a lot of detail.

Models Under Construction

Link to Far Stream Build Page Link to Grampian Pride Build Page Grampian Pride Build Button Far Stream Build Page

Completed Models

Big Bertha Thumbnail Far Saltire Build Page Big Bertha Link Button Link to Far Saltire Build page Empire Raymond Flat Holm Thumbnail Empire Raymond Button Link to Flat Holm Build Page