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Brass Etch Work

Acid Etched Brass Components (Photo Etch)


By using etched brass I am able to produce components which would be difficult for me to make any other way.

Using CAD (Computer Aided Design) software,  I draw the etch sheet which I then pass on to a Company

who produce the etched sheet.


 I use '4D Models' . A model shop & workshops based in London, they have an extensive stock of general model making materials & equipment & provide a number of manufacturing services, including Acid Etching, Laser Cutting & Dry Transfer Lettering (rub down lettering), all the wording & markings (excluding the large 'F') on 'Far Saltire' were produced by '4D Models' from my own artwork.


I use 'TurboCAD Platinum Pro' CAD software. 

I draw the items at the correct size normally working at A4 sheet size.


Once complete the drawing is then converted to  *.DWG file format.

Etch Sheet Drawing

BLACK areas - final full thickness brass sheet.

WHITE areas - brass fully removed by the acid etching.

RED areas - half etched.


When the sheet is being etched the acid works from both sides of the sheet at the same time, so in effect meeting in the middle.


By not allowing etching to take place on one side, the result is that only half of the brass thickness is removed,

this can be used to provide bending lines, details & making the 'tabs'.


The 'Tabs' link the individual pieces to the sheet, otherwise when the etching is complete all the items would be loose.


I only use red as an indication of where half etching will take place as once the drawing is finished, two *.DWG files are made.


One file has the red area changed to WHITE (so is etched) to give the top image on the brass sheet.

Second file has the red area changed to BLACK (so is not etched) to give the bottom image on the sheet.

As the two images are copied onto the brass in register, the result is only half the thickness is acid etched.


I normally use 0.3 mm thick sheet but a range of thicknesses (and sheet sizes) are available,

full information can be found on the '4D Models' website, listed on my | Links Page |


Full Etched Sheet Etch Sheet Detail
Etched Ladder

Ladder sides in home made spacer, using 0.3 mm brass wire for the rungs.

Assembled Ladder Etched Chain Gypsy

Chain Gypsies.

Chain Gypsy Monkey Island Pieces Monkey Island Etched Bridge Pieces Assembling Etched Bridge pieces Bridge & Monkey Island Anchor Winch Assembled Anchor Winch Winch on Foredeck
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